dirty-diode said: Is this blog related to this is innocent privilege?

No. As far as I can tell, thisisinnocentprivilege is just some anti-sj troll blog that has latched on to me since it’s apparently “cool” to bully me right now (until the next easy target appears and the tumblr hate army forgets about me to go harass them). If you go to their blog, most of their posts are just directly copied and pasted from mine, but they swapped a couple of words out to make it look original.

Kind of pathetic really. Not only are these troll blogs a waste of time (how fucking sad do you have to be to dedicate your life to writing fake posts on the internet) but they also trivilialize real oppression like filthphobia, fat hate and misogyny. Anti-sj assholes are going to see those blogs and snicker to themselves, feeling oh-so-superior to those sjw strawmen, and systematic hatred will continue to be perpetuated uninterrupted.

These people try to troll the social justice movement but they are really only trolling themselves. 

vulpixilate said: I'm honestly just curious about this and I really do not mean to offend, but do you go swimming sometimes? Like, to the beach or at a pool on a hot summer's day? Thanks and I'm sorry if this was an offensive question.

I never learned how to swim, or I did, in primary school, but it’s been so long since then that I don’t remember how. I also live in the United Kingdom, so I have never had the opportunity to experience a hot summer’s day or go to the beach. Since your icon (Tardis at the time of writing) is from a shit British TV show for children I’m sure you’ll understand why this is. 

snaghyuk said: what are your feelings on the links made between filth and things like the black plague? curious

You are putting the cart before the horse. People stopped bathing because of the black plague, the black plague wasn’t caused by not bathing. I’ve read the literature on the topic and the causes behind its spread are numerous (and not fully agreed on), and they include outdated medical knowledge, overcrowded living conditions, killing off the cat populations leading to rat infestations etc. Hygiene had nothing to do with it, in fact it was explicitly believed that the plague was spread by foul smells which is why plague doctors stuffed their masks with strong herbs and so on. 

I think that if there are any “links” between filth and the black plague then they are fringe theories dreamed up by bigots, and not much different from the idea that it happened because the Jews were poisoning wells or because the Roma people were casting curses etc.

overlordclinton said: soap

thanks bill

callow-maturity said: lol dude if you dont wanna be made fun of just take a bath bro

If you don’t wanna have social anxiety just talk to people, “bro”.

If you don’t wanna be sad just get over your depression, “bro”.

Clean privilege is not having your ask inbox and email inbox flooded with hatred and vitriol because you had the indecency to vent about your oppression in a public space.

Clean privilege is not being assailed with death and rape threats for being unclean, because apparently it’s fair for society to kick people who are already down.

TICP’s law of internet discussions: Any online discussion of filthphobia quickly results in disproportionate displays of filthphobia.

TICP’s law #2: Any discussion of filthphobia quickly results in hateful comments which justify the existence of dirt activism. 

Clean privilege is never having your smell described as a reason why people genuinely dislike you. I came across the following line in Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Slaughterhouse-Five: “He had been unpopular because he was stupid and fat and mean, and smelled like bacon no matter how much he washed.” I still have a lot to read, but this describes the only villain in the novel so far. He’s a rude, violent, insecure man who fantasizes about homicide and bestiality, but the main problem is his smell. 

Clean privilege is when your ‘friend’ ‘jokes’ that he never bathes before going to an anime convention, because ‘who is going to notice under the overall smell?’

Clean privilege is being able to sit anywhere you want on a bus or train without worrying about the person next to you scrunching up their face, saying ‘excuse me’ and then getting up to go sit somewhere else.

Clean privilege is not having an anxiety attack when you spot a free seat on public transport and can’t decide if you should risk asking to sit there and having the person publicly humiliate you, or just stand.

Clean privilege is never being turned down for oral sex because you haven’t washed away the protective, lubricative, natural oils beneath your foreskin that are supposed to facilitate sex in the first place (smegma).

Clean privilege is being considered more sexually desirable even when you have horribly disfigured genitals. 56% of American males undergo genital mutilation at birth for supposed ‘hygiene’ reasons, as it removes the ‘need’ to wash. Our society is so obsessed with unnecessary cleanliness that we actually take a knife to our baby boy’s little winkles to achieve it.